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Pilates is an exercise technique first invented by a man named Joseph Pilates, a German national who immigrated to England at the beginning of last century. He was interned in a camp in England during World War I and it was there that he began to invent the exercise method that would later take his name, Pilates. The first Pilates machines that Joseph Pilates ever invented to use with his techniques were fashioned from bed springs gathered at the camp. After the war, Pilates moved to the United States where he opened a dance studio and continued to perfect his Pilates exercise methods. Ever since those early days, Pilates have been gathering popularity with the general public until today, where you cannot open a fitness magazine or see a celebrity on an interview show without the word “Pilates” coming up.But, can you learn the Pilates techniques using only a video series? One of the greatest advantages to using video is the convenience; you can exercise anywhere and any time you want. For those who don’t like to join organized classes or go to the gym, the video option can be a good one, if they want to exercise in the comfort of their own homes to improve their health.There are some disadvantages to using videos for Windsor Pilates techniques and instruction. The biggest drawback to using video is the lack of a qualified instructor to show the student the proper way to do the exercises. All of the questions that could be raised, or all the trouble that could happen needs to be addressed by a certified Windsor Pilates instructor to prevent possible injury.So, if you still want to use Pilates videos at home, then it is advisable to first take a Pilates class or consult a Pilates instructor on proper technique before you begin your home Pilates exercises using the video series.The Windsor Pilates Method is actually a variation on the original Pilates Method invented by Joseph Pilates. Mari Windsor developed a series of exercises based on Joseph Pilates’ original techniques. This form, modified by Mari Windsor, claims to get results much quicker, in about 1 month. Most Pilate enthusiasts who have used Windsor Pilates claim to get results in about 2 weeks.Most people do not have enough time to get to the gym and exercise. The Windsor Pilates video series is great for those who want to get in shape quickly in their own homes. Participants have reported, after a short two weeks using the video series, a stronger core and better muscle strength, but no discernible weight loss.The routines and exercises on the Windsor Pilates video series are simple enough for the participant to be able to memorize them easily, which takes the strain away from trying to look at the TV screen while exercising. Another advantage to using the Windsor Pilates videos is that after the cost of buying the videos, there is no more costs, unlike gym memberships, which often have yearly and monthly fees.Most of the Pilates exercises featured on the Windsor Pilates video series are low intensity, so people who cannot participate in more strenuous forms of exercise can still use the video series. For most people, the low intensity workout is better for the joints, while still providing enough challenge to get great results without risking injury. If you want to build bulky muscles, then Windsor Pilates are not for you, but if you want to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, then the Windsor Pilates video series could be a perfect fit for your life.

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So you want to get started on a Pilates program but don’t know what Pilates equipment you will need to get started. That’s great news and a decision you will not regret!Pilates is growing in popularity because it produces results and has been doing so for decades. Now you can even set up a home workout studio that uses Pilates equipment similar to the original Joseph Pilates designed models. And we know what kind of results he described!Joseph and his classic Pilates Method have such a legion of followers and part of that reason is because his Pilates equipment produced results. The good news is that the huge variety in sizes of Pilates equipment has made that equipment more affordable and more size appropriate to fit into our homes instead of just a gym somewhere.Think back about when Joseph Pilates got started with his Pilates method. During World War I, Joseph was at an English internment camp and started to test his exercises on injured soldiers. Pilates started with those patients who were immobilized and bed-bound. To get them exercising, Joseph rigged up their hospital beds with springs, creating resistance to help them regain their strength. Brilliant! It was from this experience and experiment that Joseph went on to develop the Pilates Reformer.Fascinated with spring-based pieces of equipment, Joseph headed to New York in the 1920s. He’d spent additional time creating more spring-based pieces of equipment as well as pieces that had lots of movable bars and adjustable straps.When he landed in New York, Joseph set out to be successful and there was no stopping him. He’d seen the success with the immobilized in England and he believed in his product and his method. Early during his time in New York, he began to work with dancers to help them gain flexibility and lengthen their muscles as well as to repair their bodies. He was fortunate enough to work with some very famous dancers who not only hungrily embraced the Pilates method but they told others about it too.One of the hallmarks of the Pilates program is the Pilates Reformer. Like other pieces of Pilates equipment, the Reformer uses the resistance of springs in order to create effort. The Reformer is made of a sliding platform anchored at one end of its frame with springs. The user can move the platform by either pulling on ropes or pushing off from a stationary bar. So you gain the benefit of the reformed by tackling the challenge of moving the platform while keeping your balance on a moving surface. You can work the Reformer sitting or standing.The Pilates Cadillac is another classic. This machine consists of a padded platform with a cage-like frame above it. Sounds a little medieval…I digress…The Pilates Cadillac has a variety of bars or straps connected to the frame by springs. See the theme… Joseph Pilates loved springs and believed in them for creating resistance!Another piece of Pilates equipment is known as the Pilates Barrel. This barrel is typically made with a sturdy wood frame with a well-cushioned foam and vinyl curved form. The Barrel is a simpler piece of equipment than the Reformer or the Cadillac and is meant to be used with mat work in exercises that open the upper back to enhance flexibility and correct posture.So just because you know what type of Pilates equipment is out there and you know that you can buy it for your home, but stop before purchasing it and think about it!Pilates equipment should only be used in a home setting after you’ve received proper training from a certified Pilates instructor. With Pilates it is not just learning how to use the equipment but you must also learn how to breathe in accordance with Joseph Pilates methods.There are many great Pilates videos and Pilates DVDs that you can use in between sessions in which you are learning how to use your Pilates equipment from a certified Pilates trainer.Pilates equipment for the home is an exciting proposition. Just take the time to research the equipment and learn what you are doing before getting started. Keep working with a trainer and then enjoy the results of your workout. Celebrate the new flexibility and mobility that you will enjoy with Pilates.

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Pilates has come a long way in the last 50 years. It started by being a means of conditioning for a very small group of people (dancers primarily in New York), gradually progressed through the years and exploded as a exercise trend about 10 years ago. Now its glory is fading away while giving place to other new fads. When Pilates became popular everybody was talking about its benefits and how great it is but today almost every reputable source is trying to disclaim all its benefits simply by saying that there is no scientific research to prove anything that links Pilates with being an exercise that should be respected. While not all Pilates benefits are proved scientifically, still there are millions of people who tried it and proved by their own example that Pilates can do miracles and change lives. Here is what they say.
It’s the best way to get a flat belly especially after pregnancy. Just 1 month of Pilates after delivery strengthens your core and improves muscle tone.
Pilates improves posture. Pilates puts a lot of emphasis on proper alignment during exercise. It makes you more aware of your body and the right position of your body at all times. It also exercises muscles that are responsible for your posture – the muscles of your trunk. These three facts make Pilates different from all other exercise programs out there and make it more effective for creating a graceful posture.
Pilates gives you a lean body like a professional dancer. Pilates is an endurance workout that is why it exercises red fiber muscles that tend to shrink in diameter in response to exercise.
Pilates helps people who have back pain. This is especially true for those who suffer from pains that are due to a sedentary lifestyle, muscle tightness and weak muscle tone. A study published in Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Physical Therapy, July 2006, proved that Pilates is effective for people suffering from chronic lower back pain.
Pilates helps to lose weight. Pilates itself won’t make you slim in the shortest period of time, but if you add Pilates workouts to your regular cardio routines and combine it with a well-balanced diet then you can expect some really amazing results.
Pilates helps to cope with discomfort and even pains during your menstrual cycle. Practice it a few days before the period starts and even during menstruation (choose easier exercises), and you will feel the difference.
Pilates makes you more flexible. A lot of Pilates exercises increase flexibility of your back, the area that causes the most problems for all of us, as well as your suppleness in general. Being flexible means having fewer injuries, less pains connected with tight muscles and performing better in any type of physical activity.
Pilates energizes you after even the most exhausting day.
It makes you feel light and relaxed, like you have just had a massage at a spa.
Pilates helps you to sculpt your body and give it the shape you are dreaming about.
If Pilates is performed with weights or a resistance band then it increases bone density.
It purifies your mind while it exercises your body. Pilates is a mind and body technique that promotes health of your body as well as health of your mind and inner balance.
Pilates helps with your sexual life because it gives you the body that you like as well as helps you to understand and feel your body better.
If you practice Pilates with your partner then it’s a very sexy workout that can grow into another workout, in a different place.
Pilates does not hurt your joints if performed properly. Please note that if you have any joint pains or injuries then you should talk to your doctor and make sure that you can try Pilates. Private class at a Pilates studio that specializes in rehabilitation might be the best option in this case.
Pilates helps you to find your inner balance and get rid of anxiety. A recent study at Tel Aviv University found that a simple course of workouts with Pilates can increase balance as well as resolve anxiety problems.
Pilates enhances neuromuscular coordination.
Pilates can help to improve memory. Workouts that include exercises for coordination as well as sequences of a few exercises help to improve memory.
Pilates mat exercises can be practiced anywhere.
The study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies proves that Pilates improves stability and balance in older adults. This is a very important fact because it can greatly improve the quality of life of older people.
Pilates strengthens you core. All Pilates exercises use your midsection as the starting point for all movements that guarantees strong abs and a strong back.
Pilates promotes body awareness that changes the way you sit, walk and look.
Pilates teaches you body control. It does not isolate any muscles; instead it exercises your body as a whole which does not create any muscle imbalances that are common with other types of exercises. Pilates works the whole body in synergy, which is how we should be moving on a daily basis.
Pilates improves blood circulation in your body that makes your skin more radiant and your body healthier.
According to a recent study held at the Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, Pilates improves self-efficacy, sleep quality and mood.

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I will assume that you have done Pilates class before so I imagine that you’ve used Pilates machines or other such Pilates equipment. There are a number of these machines available for the home gym. Every single Pilates machine I’ve seen, like the Pilates Reformer, is a completely self-contained workout device.It doesn’t really matter which “brand name” of Pilates you practice, whether it’s Winsor Pilates, Malibu Pilates, or Stott Pilates, there is a pretty fair chance you’ve used one of these home machines. Perhaps you’ve even bought one for your own home gym. If you don’t have one but thought about buying one…keep on reading.O.K., let’s get right down to it. This are my reviews of the three top selling Pilates machines available for you to purchase today. I am going to review, for your benefit, the Pilates Reformer, the Malibu Pilates Chair, and the ever popular Pilates Power Gym.So here is the first review…the Pilates Reformer, the top dog of Pilates machines.Pilates Reformer ReviewThis one is in a class by itself so the Pilates Reformer is THE best in Pilates machines, bar none. It has proven itself to consistently be the best exercise equipment of choice used by the world’s top flight Pilates instructors. I know the name sounds like some sort of torture device straight out of the Spanish Inquisition, but it is a high quality piece of equipment.I think most people are aware that Joseph Pilates formulated the exercise system that bears his name while in a internment camp in the beginning of the 20th century. What he wanted was a complete holistic system of modern exercise. Pilates strengthens the core abdominal muscles which align and correct your postural muscles, giving you an incredible sense of health and well-being.All you have to do is sit in the comfortable carriage of the Pilates Reformer, and using the patented pulley and spring system to push and pull your self back and forth with a progressively higher and higher level of intensity. This is a real work-out folks.The Pilates Power GymIf you are looking for a light weight work out machine, the Pilates Power Gym should be just the ticket. With its padded handles and straps and carbon steel structure (just like the Reformer) it’s simple and easy to operate. It’s completely adjustable for each level of fitness, including yours. At only half the size of the Pilates Reformer, the Power Gym makes sculpting and toning of you hips, calves, butt and back, not to mention firming up and adding muscle to your arms and abs, an incredibly easy process. You won’t be able to help cwatching yourself in your mirror to see a more fit and healthy new you!Malibu Pilates ChairAs perhaps the smallest, most compact (and at under $350, the most affordable) Pilates machine, the Malibu Pilates chair is the new boy on the block. Like most every other piece of Pilates equipment you have to actually use it to make it effective for your own weight loss regimen. But the Malibu Pilates chair makes it simple to lose weight with the free wall chart and diet plan that is included with the initial purchase price. Although it might be difficult to believe that you can actually get a good work-out while sitting on your backside, I am here to let you know that this thing hands you an unparalleled workout in only half the space you might normally use.

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Studying in a Pilates Facility- Why is studying in a professional environment under an instructor’s guidance so important? First, a teacher’s trained and watchful eye can ensure that you develop only good habits as you learn the Pilates method of body conditioning. Also, working in a professional environment is a stimulating and educational experience. You learn by observing other people working out-seeing and hearing the teachers and other students in the process of learning and practicing Pilates.Watching and listening as the instructor guides another student through a Pilates movement will give you insights and inspirations that help improve your own technique. A correction given to another client might be just the thing to turn on that proverbial light bulb for you. And this instructional environment isn’t just helpful for beginners, either; no matter how advanced your Pilates training and experience might be, you’ll always find that an instructor’s guidance is valuable.Your Pilates workouts will change your body; and your instructor will make sure your Pilates exercises continue to benefit your development. Choosing a Pilates Place- Depending upon where you live, you may have many different types of Pilates facilities to choose from. Your personal preferences and lifestyle might determine what environment works best for you. Pilates studios are facilities that are devoted primarily to the instruction of Pilates and little else. Because these businesses focus solely on Pilates, they can tailor your Pilates sessions to your special fitness or rehabilitation needs.A good studio has a number of teachers from which to choose and a full complement of all the Pilates equipment. A fully equipped and staffed studio can offer a large range of appointment and class times, and many types of sessions, including private, small groups, and slightly larger classes (but not too large!). Studios are typically set up on a pay-by-session or -class basis, not by membership. Health clubs and recreation centers offer Pilates along with many other fitness activities, such as yoga and aerobics. Health clubs usually require a membership, and for that fee, most clubs provide additional services, including swimming pools, racket courts, aerobic equipment, and saunas.Pilates classes at these centers typically stress mat work, because they rarely have equipment, and the mat-work classes can be quite large and very mixed in level, which may not address your needs. Many clubs and recreation centers consider Pilates to be an extra and charge an added fee, so ask for details Points to Consider- You can decide which Pilates environment best suits your needs, based on convenience, pricing, location, and personal preference. Like any fitness facility or program, your perfect Pilates place will need to meet a number of requirements. Think about these: – Location.Will you be going to your Pilates session from home, work, or both? How far is too far to discourage regular attendance? Is the facility near other important destinations? Can you combine your Pilates with essential errands such as grocery shopping or stopping by the dry cleaners? Don’t discount the importance of convenience. No matter how much you want to be committed to your Pilates program, if getting to your session takes too much time, you’ll be prone to skipping-and that’s no good for you or your Pilates program. – Cost. Pilates isn’t the lowest-cost fitness program out there, but it’s worth every penny.That said, high price doesn’t always mean best quality. Some of the best facilities have very reasonable prices and some of the worst overcharge. Don’t choose a facility by finding the one that provides the cheapest sessions in your area, but make sure you’re realistic in determining how much you can afford to spend on your Pilates program. “It’s too expensive” can become a reason to drop out. Ask for a full schedule of all costs-membership fees, individual sessions, package deals, equipment use, parking, and so on. – Support staff. In addition to your instructor, are support personnel available to help you?Can you easily contact someone to change appointments or discuss your billing? Are the people helpful, friendly, and willing to assist you when necessary? Many facilities are too small to offer support staff, so the teacher may also handle reception, class scheduling, cleaning, and so on. Is that okay with you? – Class structure. If you intend to study in group classes, find out how those classes are organized. Will you be able to work with a group of others that share your fitness/experience level? If you’re just starting your Pilates training, you don’t want to be the lone beginner in a class of advanced students; as you advance, you don’t want to be hindered by newcomers. Ask about class sizes, too; you can get lost in classes of more than ten students. – Other programs and services.Does the facility offer other health and fitness programs, such as physical therapy, aerobics, massage, on-site snack bar, or nutritional counseling? How about on-site child care? Are these services something you’re interested in? Working in Private- Pilates Sessions Uniform development is the hallmark of the Pilates method. A certified instructor’s trained eye, focused directly and solely on your form and technique, and your body’s individual needs, will help you progress more quickly An instructor can spot subtle, inefficient movement patterns that make your exercise less productive, and give you very personal, specific instructions to address these problems Finding the Right Instructor for You- Taking lessons with a highly trained Pilates instructor is the best way to ensure successful progress in your Pilates program. In many parts of the country, you won’t have much trouble locating a Pilates instructor..So if you have a number of reputable Pilates instructors to choose from, how do you choose? Everyone who teaches Pilates is unique and brings his or her own sets of strengths and weaknesses to the studio or classroom. But in general, here are some traits to look for in a good Pilates instructor. If you’re observing instructors in action, you can check through this list to see how they stack up on the traits that matter most to you. A good Pilates instructor is: – Adept in the full repertoire of all the Pilates exercises, at all levels, and on all equipment. – A long-term and ongoing practitioner and student of Pilates. – Able to verify completion of training or certification in Pilates. – Taking continuing education courses to remain fresh and invigorated in his/her own teaching. – Knowledgeable about basic anatomy. – Able to demonstrate a strong background in Pilates history and philosophy – A good example of what Pilates can do for the body. – A professional who maintains professional boundaries (in other words, avoids bringing personal issues and inappropriate comments or advances into the lesson). – Capable of helping clients progress safely and effectively through the advancing levels of Pilates. – Motivating, encouraging, and inspiring to clients. Moreover, a good Pilates instructor should be well versed in: safety; hands-on and modification techniques; all transitions between exercises; and the major benefits and skills derived from each exercise.

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Thinking of joining a Pilates class? Not All Pilates Classes Are Created Equal!In the world of Pilates “Smaller is nearly always Better”If money was no object. All of us would chose a private 1 on 1 workout with a great Pilates Teacher and that is how many people get into Pilates.When you book a Private Pilates session. There is just you and the Pilates Teacher. They will be spending all their time focusing on you, checking you are doing the moves just right. Watching and correcting your alignment, breathing, focus and form.In a perfect world. We would all be working out 1 on 1 with a great Teacher or Trainer, but in the real world we all have a budget and paying $60 for a Private Pilates Workout 3 times a week is £180 or more. That’s just too much for most of us.Knowing all the great benefits of Pilates, but not wanting to spend almost $200 every week, most people opt to join a Pilates Class.Pilates Classes offer many of the benefits of a Private 1 on 1 workout, but they cost a lot less making them much more affordable.There are 2 main types of Pilates Classes. The Big roll em in roll em out type of Classes. Or the smaller more personal type of classes.Both have their place, but all have one thing in common. They all have just 1 Trainer per class.Recently there has been a trend towards the larger “Roll em in, Roll em out” type Pilates Classes. Often with 8, 10 or 15 people in a class and for some people this works well. Though I have to say for most people it is a poor choice.Here is what happens when you try to save some money and join a large Pilates Class. The Pilates Teacher who is running the class will be forced to give the most attention to the weakest student in your class.All Pilates Studios try to balance every class with people who are on about the same level. Easy to do in a class of 4 people, very hard to do in a class of 8,10 or more.Pilates is not like going to the Gym where you try to do a similar, but good workout each time. Pilates is designed to stretch and push you, at no point should you just be doing the same repetitive moves week in week out.Your Pilates Teacher should be watching you to see if you are ready to move to the next level, looking for where you are strong and where you are weak, helping you to get to the next level of fitness and flexibility.Joining a Pilates Class that has 6 or more people in it will give even the best Pilates Teacher in the world real problems. The weakest or the newest person will get all the attention. You will get none because you are doing just well enough not to need any attention, but not doing badly enough to need any help.When you walk out of your big Pilates Class, you should be very annoyed. You paid the same amount as everyone else, but you got 2 minutes attention. The person who just joined got 20 minutes attention, they will get the same next time and the time after that too.If you paid $20 for that class and got 2 minutes attention, that’s $10 per minute you just paid. (that works out at $600 per hour)They also paid $20 for the very same class, but they got 20 minutes attention and help.They didn’t pay $10 per minute like you just did, they paid $1 per minute. (that works out at $60 per hour)Feel hard done by? Well you should.Why joining a smaller Pilates Class will always be the better option.In a smaller class, it’s much easier to balance the class with people who are at or about the same level of strength and experience.In a smaller class it’s much easier to share your attention and knowledge with everyone.In a smaller class it’s much easier to help and coach people to move up a level.In a smaller class the weakest person still gets more attention, but not at the expense of the other class members.In a smaller class one pair of eyes is looking after just 3 or 4 people.I could write for hours on this subject and still maybe not make my point clear, so let me try to sum it up in a couple of paragraphs.Due to the downturn in our economy many well known Pilates Studios still have to make a profit and the only way they can do this is to offer large Pilates Classes (1 Trainer teaching 8, 10. 15 or more people per class)Smaller Pilates Studios still aim for quality not quantity. They will asses every member of every class so each person gets the next best thing to having their own personal trainer.If you want to just go through the motions of Pilates, join a large, but cheaper class. If you want to grow, improve and be the best you can, then look for a studio that offers small Pilates Classes where you will get the attention, help, advice and motivation you need and deserve.I have spoken with several Pilates TeachersThey all admit to the same thing. When Teaching a class of 6, 8 or more people, standards drop and they just try to get the class in and out. There is no time available to help the better Students. It’s all about getting them in and getting them out.Think about This.The best Pilates Teachers won’t even take a class of more than 4 people. They know one pair of eyes can look after 4 people, but not 6, 8,10 or more.You Will Pay A Little More to join a Small Pilates Class Of 3 Or 4 People but, it Will Be More Than Worth It to you and Your Body.

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There is no doubt that many people in this world want to change their body and look better. In fact this simple fact has driven the fitness industry to a multi-billion dollar industry filled with fitness machines and equipment.Using Pilates is one answer to those who are looking to change their body to look better. But better yet with using Pilates you will get much more than just improving your body you will also improve your overall lifestyle.To get started with Pilates there is not a requirement for a Pilates Machine or equipment although as you advance with Pilates you will definitely want to ensure you use a Pilates machine and the several forms of Pilates equipment.The goal of this article will be to cover some of the more popular types of Pilates equipment and the main Pilates Machine a Pilates reformer.Pilates Machine ReformerThe main Pilates machine used with the Winsor Pilates method is the Pilates reformer. The goal of the Pilates Reformer machine is to provide a comprehensive total-body workout. A Pilates machine can address every muscle group with 32 exercises; and folds up to for easy storage.A good Pilates reformer will offer several levels of resistance. Expect somewhere around 4 or 5 total levels so that as you advance with Pilates you will increase the level of resistance. These Pilates Machines can come with a wood base and some of the top of the line reformers have patented Aero Pilates cardio/strength combo built in.Pilates BallPilates balls come in many forms, with the main goal of providing a low impact workout. You will see the more advanced Pilates balls typically around 22 inches with Pilates rings and adjustable tubing. Essentially these Pilates balls have the elastic resistance bands so that you can workout in both your mid section and upper body.Pilates Rings And Pilates CirclesPilates rings (sometimes known as Pilates circles) stem from the original Pilates workout designed by Joseph Pilates. Basically these Pilate rings are an elastic rubber and allow you to get a total body workout with resistance. Pilate rings are great for traveling or in home workouts because they are small and compact.A good Pilates ring will consist of flexible plastic and a soft rubberized shell. The ring should have padded handles both inside and outside and provide leveling resistance between a 3 and 4 band ring circle.Overall the above Pilates machine and equipment provide a good overview of some of the more popular Pilates items used with training. The Pilate machine or equipment is not required to get started with Pilates, but as you advance with Pilates you may want to consider a few of the items. Winsor Pilates is revolutionary workout which can provide you a brand new lifestyle. If you are considering a fitness program I highly recommend you give Winsor Pilates a try.

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There are various types of Pilates workouts that are available to you, thus it is important to understand about each different type, so that you can study the components of each. Either you want to take up Pilates as a hobby or a career choice, the following article helps you decide on which exercise is truly suitable for you.1) Powerhouse PilatesPowerhouse Pilates is a form of exercise that provides that of a fitness approach to that of the Pilates education overall. It was founded by Marci Clark and Christine Romani-Ruby in order to make Pilates education easily available for fitness professionals.2) Peak PilatesPeak Pilates is one of many forms of Pilates which uses a truly and entirely different approach that teaches you how to teach and not just what to teach. Peak Pilates certification programs concentrate on that of professional development and a deep understanding of the integrated, systematic approach to Pilates overall.This knowledge is important because it is what provides the solid foundation and the confidence; two things that are required in order to become a successful Pilates instructor.Moreover, the Peak Pilates certification programs offer that of a modular educational pathway which allows you to learn and teach at your own pace while simultaneously matching your own personal education level to the level of Peak Pilates that you wish to teach. It is compulsory for every single Pilates student, regardless of their specific fitness level or movement experience, begins by learning the introductory system.3) Stott PilatesStott Pilates is one which concentrates on that of breath, core conditioning, and body awareness. Moreover, Stott Pilates exercise provides a safe and highly effective way to stretch, which is a very important part of the Pilates routines altogether. Stott Pilates is also great as it strengthens and streamlines your body without adding unwanted bulk and without putting any more pressure on your joints.Stott Pilates is performed on a mat and uses specialized equipment. It is considered as being one of the few fitness regimes that can last you for a lifetime. In addition, it is also thought of as being the perfect compliment to that of cardiovascular exercise, sport and rehab.4) Power PilatesPower Pilates are exercises on almost the same lines as yoga, however with a big difference – the fitness in yoga comes from the mind first, hence the deep meditation, etc. The Power Pilates imparts a series exercises which are focused to build muscles and overall the fitness of body and mind.There are many programs which offer a number of Power Pilates at different levels of interest. The Power Pilates is a series of exercises that a person has to take on for about 12-36 hours per week. The Power Pilates moves will almost always require backup by some form of equipment. These equipments are used for different muscle stretching exercises.The Power Pilates exercises are a great way to stay fit. Yoga is the only other method for accomplishing the same level of fitness of the mind and body. Power Pilates is not too costly to learn, or too labor intensive as yoga yet it is highly effective. While with yoga you will need to be extremely supple, with the Power Pilates you require only to have the will to learn and do it.5) Yoga PilatesThere are several different yoga Pilates workouts that involve exercises that have their foundation in yoga along with Pilates as they focus on flexibility and core strength. An exerciser can do these yoga Pilates exercises at a restful pace by breathing slowly and deeply throughout the workout. Yoga Pilates exercises can also be adjusted to fit different fitness levels and flexibility. However one should also consult the doctor before starting any of these exercise programs.There are definite yoga Pilates guidelines that should help exercisers which include yoga postures that should not be performed on a full stomach. One should wear comfortable clothing to enable freedom of movement and not exercising when feeling weak or shaky.One should build up strength steadily while staying within personal limitations. One should extend their boundaries of limitations gently while staying focused throughout the workout on one’s breathing that is inhaling and exhaling fully and completely, through the nose.Because yoga Pilates classes is mushrooming everywhere, there may be a limited number of qualified instructors available. Having a qualified instructor is important as it guarantees that the participant takes the right yoga Pilates exercises. In the case of Pilates, it is dangerous to do moves that are beyond one’s capabilities.6) Pilates and PregnancyPilates is thought of to be one of the best ways a pregnant woman can use to prepare herself for the birth of her baby. Furthermore, by practicing Pilates can help her along the stages of her actual pregnancy. The dynamic moves of Pilates actually challenge the woman by building her muscle endurance, and at the same time helping her to gain better balance.Pilates and pregnancy is a great match in this regards because with Pilates it is a mind and body incorporating method of exercise that strengthens the most important muscles – the ones that the woman will be using during the labor and delivery part of her pregnancy: the abdominals, pelvic muscles, and the back.One of the best and most important parts about Pilates and pregnancy is that it is the most perfect groundwork for a woman’s labor and delivery process. Pilates is also great during pregnancy because it helps the woman to limber her muscles thus making them supple, which will be a very helpful factor when the time comes to deliver the baby.However, as with any other form of physical activity, the pregnant woman should consult her physician before starting Pilates, just to ensure that it will not do harm to herself or to the baby.

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Many of today’s well known celebrities are Pilates addicts. They regularly attend Pilates classes to keep super fit and have fantastic toned bodies, as Pilates works on strengthening and balance and is a low impact, high result exercise. A quality Pilates DVD should be the first item to buy when establishing a Pilates Home Equipment collection.Not only is Pilates a great way to just keep toned, Pilates helps a wide range of different fields including sport injury prevention, finding the right technique for that perfect golf stroke, strengthening the body for birth in prenatal exercises, recovering from birth with postnatal Pilates exercises, weight loss, flexibility in old age, relaxation and much more.Unlike most celebrities though, most of us don’t have a bank account that enables nannies to look after our kids and chefs to cook our dinners while we attend private Pilates lessons. So instead, the next best thing available to us is to buy a Pilates workout DVD, so we can practise the wonderful exercise of Pilates from the comfort of our own homes.Just as Pilates can help overcome almost any sport injury or aid in any positive exercise we can dream of, there is also a Pilates exercise DVD available to buy on pretty much any topic.A Beginners Pilates DVD will generally concentrate on the 6 core Pilates principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. Beginners Pilates DVDs generally contain non advanced exercises and this would be the best Pilates DVD to buy if you have had no prior Pilates experience.On the other hand, more advanced Pilates DVDs can be purchased for those who are wanting to gain more from their Pilates exercises. The advanced DVDs are the best Pilates DVD for those who have been practising for some time. These types of DVDs will include difficult positions or the use of Pilates equipment.Other Pilates DVDs you are able to buy might concentrate on Pilates for achieving a specific goal like strengthening the middle core, pregnancy and pre natal pilates, post natal Pilates, Pilates on the Ball, Pilates for helping back aches and toning your abs and buts. There are also quality Pilates DVDs available to buy for many of the Pilates home equipment currently available like the Pilates Magic Circle, the Aero Pilates Machine, Stamina Pilates Machines and much more. Many of the types of Pilates regimes like Stott Pilates and Winsor Pilates, also have a range of DVDs of their specific Pilates techniques.The list is endless. Basically you can be almost assured a DVD is available for any topic that Pilates can help. Just go to your favourite online DVD supplier and use their search to find what DVDs are available. You will find most reputable online DVD sellers have great descriptions for their product which means, even if the word you are searching isn’t in the title, it will show up in the synopsis of the DVD.When buying a Pilates DVD online, make sure the DVD is formatted to the correct zone for where you live to save disappointment when it arrives. Also check the shipping rates, although most DVDs are shipped cheaply around the world, as they are so small. Another important factor when looking for a quality Pilates DVD is to check the length of the DVD and how many different topics or exercises it covers.

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So you have heard all about this wonderful exercise called Pilates that has become so popular with sports stars and celebrities and you want to get in on some of the action too! If you are like many of us and work long hours, have children to attend to and just can’t get out of the house to attend a private Pilates lesson, then fret not, practising Pilates at home is safe, easy and inexpensive with a few tools in your Pilates Home Equipment collection.With just a few tools and Pilates home equipment at your exposal, you too can participate in the wonderful exercise of Pilates at home, to help tone and strengthen specific parts of the body, or aid in injury prevention, or even to help heal an ongoing injury.Instructions:Firstly you are going to need some instructions on how to practice Pilates from home. There are three ways you can achieve this:a) Purchase a Pilates DVD or set of DVDs. There are many DVDs on the market from beginner, through to intermediate and advance. One of the beginner dvds would be suitable to someone just getting into Pilates. Alternatively, there are also DVDs available on specific topics if you have something in mind you want to concentrate on like improving back aches, prenatal Pilates, postnatal Pilates, or toning abs and butt.b) Purchase a Pilates instructional book or set of books. If you don’t have access to a DVD player, or aren’t into following along to someone elses instructions in real time, then there are also many Pilates books available on any topic you can imagine.c) Download some Pilates audio books. A third option is to download some Pilates Audio Books which can be purchased quickly online and downloaded to your iPod or other music device. Then you can take your pilates lesson anywhere you go. Listen along and practice at home, in the park or on holidays.AccessoriesNo Pilates accessories are necessary however the following will help practicing Pilates from home more comfortable:a) A Pilates yoga mat: These is a soft, slip free mat to help practice your Pilates moves. If you are looking to buy one, then a thick yoga mat is best.b) Comfortable Pilates or yoga clothing. There are many stretches in Pilates and comfortable clothing is required for ease of movement.Pilates EquipmentThere are a number of Pilates pieces of equipment available that can help achieve certain Pilates moves. None of them are essential, but each adds a different level of difficulty to your Pilates workout. Having a few of these tools, will help you set up your own private Pilates home studio:a) A Pilates ball. There are many Pilates exercises that involves a large exercise ball. Pilates balls are especially beneficial for pregnancy Pilates exercises.b) Pilates tools like the Pilates Magic Circle or resistance cordsc) Pilates exercise machinesIf you like practicing Pilates from home and get really serious about maintaining your health and strength through the teachings of Pilates, then you can invest in a number of various Pilates machines, which enable you to practice lots of various moves with varying resistance levels, with the aid of pulley and ropes and trampolines. The home Pilates reformer, aero Pilates range of machines and the Pilates Power Gym are all popular home Pilates machine choices, which will make perfect additions to your Pilates Home Equipment collection.